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Get Focused...Stay Focused! Conference
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March 2018 Conference
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March 2018 GFSF certificate
Certificate of Attendance
General Session Presentation
Kathy Booth

Dual Enrollment and Early College Access: A guide to building and expanding successful programs

Dual Enrollment in California: Challenges and Bright Spots
Naomi Castro, Career Ladders Project

Dual Enrollment: Navigating the Waters of Two Educational Systems
Dr. Diane Hollems

Dual Enrollment: Program Logistics and Open Enrollment
Claudia Johnson, Dr. Melissa Moreno, and Sabrina Robertson

Dual Enrollment for the Get Focused Course and Stay Focused Modules
Claudia Johnson and Sabrina Robertson

GET FOCUSED: Implementing a Freshman Transition/First year Experience course in your High School or College

Get Focused: Launching a Freshman Transition Course for All High School Freshmen
Amy Gil

Get Focused: Implementing a First-Year Experience/Student Success Course at the College Level
Julius Munyantwali

(Re)designing Intake: Mapping Out Ideal Elements for Guided Pathways Implementation
Kathy Booth

Get Focused: Professional Development Options to Get Your Entire Team Trained to Implement GFSF
Dawn O’Bar and Bob Hawkes

STAY FOCUSED: Strategies for Implementing the Follow-up Modules in the 10th 11th and 12th grade

Stay Focused: Strategies for Implementing the GFSF Follow-up Modules for 10th, 11th, and 12th Grades
Erin Hansen

Stay Focused: GFSF Follow-up Module 1: In-depth Curriculum Training
Erin Hansen

Stay Focused: GFSF Follow-up Module 2: In-depth Curriculum Training
Erin Hansen

Stay Focused: GFSF Follow-up Module 3: In-depth Curriculum Training
Erin Hansen

Get Focused...Stay Focused!® as the Onramp to Guided Pathways

The Key to Collaboration: Establishing K-16 Relationships
Dr. Diane Hollems, Dr. Melissa Moreno, and Rudy Ramirez

Nurturing, Sustaining, and Expanding the Collaboration
Team from CSU Long Beach and LBCC

GFSF: Industry and Community Involvement in Guided Pathways
Tiffany Morse from VC Innovates, South Central Coast Regional Consortium DSN

Fostering Data Conversations that Support Guided Pathways Planning
Kathy Booth®: Student Support Perspectives for instructors and counselors

Utilizing the My10yearPlan across the high school campus for academic coaching
Rachelle Fast

The High School Counselor’s use of®
Diego Ochoa, Jennifer Crerar, and Dr. Rebecca Dedmond

Using® to help students' Clarify their Guided Pathway Selection
Tanja Easson

How Colleges can use® to help students Enter their Guided Pathway Selection
Tanja Easson

Middle School Bridge Curriculum: Preparing students to Get Focused in high school and life

Career Development in Middle Schools/High Schools
Rudy Ramirez

Overview of the Building a Bridge to Your Future Curriculum
Rudy Ramirez

Ramp Up your GFSF Program: Best Practices for experienced instructors

Launching Your GFSF Program with a Thematic Approach
Jennifer Crerar

Whole School Buy-in: Changing the School Culture through Family and Community Involvement
Rachelle Fast and Steve Clark

Leading the Vision: The Role of the Lead Teacher
Rachelle Fast, Amy Gil, Brian Slotnick-Lastrico, and Jennifer Crerar

Meet the Pros: A Conversation with Mentor Teachers
Rachelle Fast, Amy Gil, Rudy Ramirez, Steve Clark, Brian Slotnick-Lastrico, Jennifer Crerar, and Kari Rosson

Guided Pathways: Learning from and planning with the experts

Crosswalk Showing how GFSF Meets the Guided Pathways Pillars
Kathy Booth

From Braiding to Building: Concrete Ideas for Integrating Initiatives Under the Guided Pathways Framework
Kathy Booth and Dr. Matthew Roberts

Guided Pathways: A Case Study Model
Bakersfield College Team

Fostering Data Conversations that Support Guided Pathways Planning
Kathy Booth

Partners or collaborators
Foundation for California Community Colleges
George Washington University’s Freshman Transition Initiative
California Community College Chancellor's Task Force on Student Success
Academic Innovations LLC
UCSB Graduate School of Education California Dropout Research Project
UC Educational Evaluation Center, Gevirtz Graduate School of Education

Eastern Oregon University’s College of Education
California SB1070 Coordinators from select regions
Santa Barbara Foundation
Santa Barbara City College Dual Enrollment Department
Carpinteria and Santa Barbara Unified School Districts
Santa Barbara County Office of Education’s Partners in Education